How To Use RSS Feeds..

Welcome to the Events Mini-portal. This is going to be the source of all events from around Makerere Community.

You can however TAP in to this resource via RSS FEEDS. 

For an average USER, you can add these feeds to your browser (if you absolutely need to), or app; otherwise viewing them on this site might be easier.

For WEB ADMINS, You can pull data (EVENTS) to your websites throught these feeds.

  • For Drupal: There's an inbuilt feed handler, and a bunch of other modules which you provide the url ( with for these events to show up where you want them to. (i'd recommend the inbuilt "Feed Aggregator")
  • For Joomla: There are a bunch of modules that'll the job for you. You also gotta provide them with the rss url. (i'd recommend Simple Rss Feed Reader, PGT Rss Scroller..)
  • For Wordpress: Functionality is pretty much the same here as well (i can recommend Dynamic WP Running RSS)